Stories–driven Design


Toni Tortosa is an interdisciplinary visual artist that works for any stage using visual storytelling as an essential communication tool.

With a background in art direction, design, and conceptdigital art, he develops visual and audiovisual content projects related to film, books, music,… and brands, using techniques ranging from 2D/3D illustration to photography and video or motion graphics.

My Main Codes.

Each project is an exciting new learning, a new language and a new visual code for decoding.

Honestly, I feel at ease when I think that I don’t maintain a recognizable visual style that defines me. I would like to believe each project puts me down in a new scenario, where I may be able to reinvent myself and to be different every time.

Whether the finishes are made by myself or they end up in a collaboration, the style is due to an idea-concept, in short to a story that must be told in the best way to move people.

  —  Lnkd.


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