The Planets Concert

An Intro for a Concert

When the first notes of the Mars theme sounded, it was impossible for me not to imagine a visual intro for such a stunning music.

This experimental project introduces the highly acclaimed performance of Gustav Holst’s suite by the BBC Symphony Orchestra under Susanna Malkki at the Royal Albert Hall of London. Maybe it’s pretty easy to imagine any visual composition while you dive in this kind of music. For many people, it’s the most important reference for composers like John Williams or Hans Zimmer. For me, it was a clear opportunity for working an idea with the best inspiration.

— More about Gustav Holst

Concept. Art Direction & 3D

For me, conceptualizing is the funniest part of any project, especially when it’s such a stimulating project as this. This time I started by generating planets or spacial structures as a premise. Moreover, it was interesting to imagine all of these elements made up imaginary instruments or music players floating in space. Let’s say that this idea could be something between StarWars and Bang&Olufsen. 

In any project, I always try to work out styleframes from different perspectives and techniques. In this case –beyond considering a possible animation in a second phase of the project– it was more pertinent to work with 3D models than other techniques because I needed to generate a lot of options for the shapes of the planets, including brights and metallic textures which imitate strange musical instruments.

Software: SketchBook, Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop.

Titles. Letters in a pentagram

“Shapes which will make up letters in movement”. This was the main idea for the graphic part of these titles. An invisible pentagram divides each letter and each word in lines, rectangles, and points, like gaps of a musical box. Geometric structures which required a sans typeface, in this case, a geometrical type as Gotham was ideal.




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