Ideas & Cross paths

Crossing concepts always builds creative results. The same thing happens when people are crossed with different disciplines.

Relatio is an architecture studio built from the concept of relation (relatio). This way, its founders Antonio García & Jesús Sempere, with convergent professional careers, have created a project that goes beyond conventional architecture. To be a part of this relation has led me to feel proud and work with special dedication, which is indeed a privilege, the privilege of being able to tell stories through architecture and my home town.

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Contradicciones – Eslabones Series. Concept&Art DirectionShooting&Editing.

Telling stories
about people & places


When Antonio and Jesús suggested that we went further away with respect to Relatio branding, we didn’t hesitate on considering a much more dynamic visual structure than the one which is normally found at architecture studios.

Telling stories about people and corners around Albacete (Spain) where things happen – at least visual ones – allows us to build up a kind and close addressing, both being values belonging to Relatio brand in all its aspects.

In this sense, establishing codes and visual routes was crucial for the two areas of content suggested –people & places. These structures are only some examples of the visual dynamic that should be mapped out by the brand in its different digital contact points.

Raíces – Eslabones Series. Concept&Art DirectionShooting Editing & MixMusic.

Aplausos – Eslabones Series. Concept&Art DirectionShooting Editing & MixMusicCopy-Off (poem).

relatio by tonitortosa

relatio by tonitortosa

relatio by tonitortosa

Beyond a Brand


And also beyond a graphic solution. Shaping a visual identity is not only a challenging graphic design project in which you never stop learning but also is -or should be – a consistency exercise, both graphic and conceptual related to the strategy and projection of the brand itself.

In this case, my experience in design & art direction for branding projects and the accuracy of the approaches from Relatio have been key for being able to enjoy this project, just meanwhile we were building a new brand universe together, both flexible and stable.

relatio by tonitortosa

relatio by tonitortosa

Audiovisual architecture


Finally, a conceptual cross: the brand of an architecture studio linked with the visual development of a TV channel. A bold framework and thus very interesting that keeps growing by the proposal of new audiovisual content.

Videos, motions, headings, bumpers … formats as if it were a standard TV channel. Special precision in audio coding through the music of Emmet Cooke and always cinematic outlooks where possible.

In turn, the concept of StoryBoard where graphical pieces are hosted is based on free and easy optical illusions, through which the brand connects, keeping an eye dialogue suitable for a new cool concept of architecture.

relatio by tonitortosa

relatio by tonitortosa

relatio by tonitortosa

relatio by tonitortosa


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