The 3rd

My Netflix Series

It’s not just about imagining a series for Netflix. The point is always telling a story using all your skills, whatever they are.


Imagining the plot

The story takes place mainly in New York City and the action starts with a sudden incident that is to affect deeply every New Yorkers:

The world lives lost in international conflicts but the population is not aware of this. They can’t see it, but it’s real. It’s not a nuclear or chemical warfare but it could well be another kind of cold war because a large number of secret experiments are taking place above the American sky.

Suddenly a new day dawns in New York City with a strange cube-shaped object partially hiding the sun. Nobody knows what happens but no electrical device works and nobody can get access to any network. From this time on the United States of America will be the unique country disconnected from the rest of the world at the beginning of the 3rd World War.


Designing the whole communication of a series or film is fascinating. Especially when you need to start the campaign with some teasers. One of the main premises for achieving this is to simplify a concept. –just tell them what’s necessary and enough–.

Nowadays audiences are saturated with different options of the entertainment industry. That’s why it’s pretty important to do an authentic and peculiar art direction for each movie or series. In such a way that every audience can identify clearly their favorite series with the posters or credit titles.


A good job in art direction from the beginning permits to set out a consistent visual universe for any platform where the brand/title needs to be shown. By doing this, the credit titles are especially interesting, because they not only have to support the whole visual universe of the series but also they need to tell a short story. This introduction must always show the tone/mood and visual codes that we should find in the own movie or series.

Once again, I must insist that the right choice of the musical theme is key to cause the desired reactions in the audience and for achieving that images make sense. In this case, it was particularly important that the lyrics of the song were in tune with the essence of the plot.

Finally, I imagine this series written by Beau Willimon –for me one the most brilliant playwrights and screenwriters on today’s scene– and the Netflix’s team of House of Cards headed by great David Fincher. A real luxury for any credit titles.

Filming & Photography

The titles describe the moment when the strange object partially hides the sun in New York City. This is the day when everything starts. This is a way of explaining in short an event that is going to be recurrent during the whole first season.

It was particularly important to show this incident inside the city, with the reactions of the citizens. For this purpose, I considered the idea of using photographies, because this allows me to focus on the gestures and behaviors of people at that moment.

Also mixing these photos with scenes on the motion was a way of highlighting the moment of the incident a little bit more deeply, such as filming ordinary people in NYC with archive footage of Russian aerospace testing. This idea not only worked to show the possible experiments of the Russian Government but also for controlling the tempo and making the intro more dynamic.

It was absolutely indispensable to take photos of an eclipse day in NYC. Obviously later these photos were touched up for moving them in different layers and by this way, generate depth and the expected special effects in motion graphics.


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