John Williams. My inspiration

John Williams by toni tortosa

It’s not only his amazing skill for storytelling through music.  I mean the true essence of his music lies in the ability to connect people with their feelings.

For me, inspiration is the mastery that an artist has of spreading the love for life through his work. This goes far beyond enjoying his art, I’m referring to the inspiration that an artist generates through his full dedication to a profession. Since my childhood, I have followed and admired the work of this genius and I can affirm that his art has decisively influenced my career but especially my way of understanding life.

John Williams by toni tortosa
Visual & T-shirt designed for the Concert.

John Williams by toni tortosa
I got the good fortune and satisfaction to attend the John Williams’ Film Night 2017’ concert in Tanglewood (Massachusetts).

His music beyond movies.

John Williams-Spotify by toni tortosa

Williams’ music is not just fanfare and well-known melodies. I love to share this selection of his music I consider most inspiring and deep because it shows the true magnitude of the work of this genius. Listen to my playlist


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