Look for a way

Creativity means learning new ways. Whatever you don’t know, it is always a new path for discovering a new skill.

Honestly, a lot of Congresses and Festivals about Creativity often leave me a bad taste in my mouth. The reason is obviously pretty personal, but I consider that on many times the speakers just show their works and they usually just talk about problems related with the creative process developed for a couple of specific projects. Very few colleagues talk about their profession from a perspective a little bit higher, which is, showing their works from a point of view more existential.

For me, the main codes for a creative life are: emotion, intelligence, humour and esthetics.

It’s not necessary to create a new philosophy for each project. That’s why it would be quite interesting to generate talks from questions related to the essence of any creative problem, whatever your profession will be.

But, this is not a criticism, it’s just an excuse for imagining which my ideal congress would be in Barcelona, more chaotic but more philosophical as well.


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